Pricing plans

OctoCue is free to try. When you want to go live, you'll need a paid plan.

Free trial

Try with no commitment

Full functionality

No payment details required

No expiry date

Pauses for 30s every 10 mins

One-off event

1-month rental, suitable for a single event

Rent OctoCue for your event without any ongoing costs

No subscriptions to cancel

Simple to charge on to your client


Ideal for event professionals

Monthly OctoCue subscription

Automatically renews

No long-term commitment, cancel at any time


Ideal for event professionals

Annual subscription to OctoCue

Automatically renews

Save £60/year compared to the monthly subscription

4-for-3 offer for multiple accounts

Sales tax/VAT
- If you're based in the UK, you'll need to pay UK VAT @ 20%
- Businesses outside the UK can purchase VAT-free, but we'll need to collect some information about you to satisfy our tax authorities

All plans include:


Hand control of the slide deck to any presenter, seamlessly


Use the web-based show control interface to manage your OctoCue system in real time

show machines

Synchronise your main and backup PowerPoint machines, automatically

Multiple simultaneous shows?

Every plan can support one show. You can use the same plan to support different shows at different times, but you can’t run two shows at the same time.

Need multiple accounts to support multiple simultaneous shows? Find out about our 4-for-3 offer.

The free trial plan

The free trial has all the same features and access as a paid-for plan. However, all devices connected to a free trial will pause for 30s every 10 minutes. During this time, no clicks are possible.

To avoid confusion, anything using a free trial plan will display a permanent warning message.

Don’t use free trials on live shows!